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Self Cleaning Filter

SCAM FILTRES A52 200 000 100A, 100 Microns, S1585 Made in France

Triple Screw Pump IMO Colfax

Pump Rotary Triple Srew, IMO Colfax ABM Stockholm, Sweden Type : ACG 045 N7 NVBP, S/N: 716804,  Size : DN 40  Specs. : 87 lpm, 2.9KW, 1450 RPM, included  PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) LESER DN40 Type: 4411.4404, SN: 10711488 Comes with counterflanges DN40 

Turbin Hydraulic Jacking Pumps

Pump Centrifugal, Hydraulic Jacking Pump Made in U.S.A V101B5B1C20 and V101B5B1C20L DZ1120925 and DZ1121005

Old Stock New Materials (Never Been Used)

Old Stocks New and Surplus Materials

10 Ea HPS GE Lucalox Lamp 400 Watts High Pressure Sodium  Order No 44054, LU400, Ballast Type: S51,  Offering Price : Rp 500.000,-/Ea

2 Ea metal Halide GE Multi Vapor Lamp, 400 Watts Order Code No. 43828, MVR 400/U Ballast: M59 Offering Price : Rp. 1.000.000/Ea

2 (Two) Ea Gates Pulley 5 Groove 5V QD ( Quick Detachable) Sheave 6" Dia. Made in USA Rp. 2.500.000,-

 Installation Method
Do NOT use these sheaves with rim speeds in excess of 6,500 fpm.
Specifications: Part No.QD5/5V5.90Product No.7874-5059No. of Grooves5BushingSKMax Bore. (In.)2 1/2Face Width (In.)3 3/4Weight (lbs.)10.82

10 Boxes Industrial Spark Plug CHAMPION,  Copper Plus 502 D21,  Made in USA, Cooper Industries Inc.